MGT aim to achieve customer satisfaction through the provision of high quality services based on integrity, value creation and superior standards.


Mechanical Items

All products we supply and procure adhere to the global quality norms and intended to provide the highest service to our clients and customers. MGT has a good experience in providing competitive products to specification and on time.

Its specialist supplies include:

  • All types of steel square tubes, steel plates, channels, flanges & fittings.
  • All types of pipes, valves & fittings - G.I, B.I., C.S., HDPE, PVC & CPVC.
  • Water filtration systems, water saving products.
  • Pressure reducing / regulating /flow control valves, gauges and level transmitter.
  • Water hammer arrestors, di-electric unions.
  • Sanitary equipment’s, curtains / pipe supports / hangers.
  • Central air conditioning systems, window, split, package units & HVAC spare parts.
  • Pipe & duct installation materials, flexible ducts, tapes and accessories.
  • All type of bearings, belts, plastic conveyors, bolts & nuts

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